As you can see, we have completely redesigned the look and feel of our website. These changes were made as we strive to better serve our patients and provide easy access to educational materials, products and information about our services.

One new feature potential patients will enjoy is our Hearing Health Questionnaire. If you have a friend or loved one who you think needs hearing aids, have them complete our questionnaire to see if they should come in for a hearing evaluation.

Returning patients will enjoy our new blog, which will be used to post educational information about the importance of hearing health, new products lines and recent studies in the field of hearing health.

We’ve offered hearing services to the residents of Oneida and the surrounding communities since 1988 and have no plans of slowing down soon. Please feel free to contact us at 315-231-5219 with any questions you have about our products or services.

Have a Hearing Heart-To-Heart

Have a Hearing Heart-To-Heart

There are many reasons why a person avoids having their hearing tested: It’s a sign of aging It’s a sign of impairment It happened so slowly they don’t even notice the problem The family and friends of those experiencing hearing loss will often notice the issue long before the patient is willing to admit it. So how do you have the conversation? Have an Honest Conversation Find a casual setting: a family dinner, or while playing a board game. Talk about what you experience when you interact with them, and how their hearing issues affect your conversations. Use real life…