We’re locally owned and take pride in serving the residents of Madison and Oneida Counties. By building personal relationships with each client, we learn about your lifestyle, hobbies and family – in addition to your hearing health.

Hearing Tests & Screenings

The hearing screening process at Better Hearing of Madison County is simple, painless and effective. You will be asked about your hearing and medical history. After that, you will have a visual inspection of the ear, an otoscopy, and a pure-tone test. If hearing loss is determined, we will guide you through the process of finding the right hearing device for your needs.


At Better Hearing of Madison County, when you invest in your hearing health with a new hearing aid, we will teach you basic maintenance for your hearing aid devices. Keeping the hearing aid clean and regularly replacing the wax filter will help prolong the life of your device. Should you need additional assistance in cleaning, contact our office.

Repairs & Programming

For a hearing device to be successful for the wearer, settings may need to be adjusted, and minor repairs need to be made, as needs or issues arise. The staff at Better Hearing of Madison County is able to meet those needs.

Custom Ear Molds

Ear molds will help to keep a secure fit on your behind-the-ear hearing aid, and are available in several materials or colors. Ear molds can also be created for ear protection for loud environments.

Happy Patients

“I have been a client of Better Hearing for seven years now, and can honestly say that from the very first visit, I have received exceptional service every step of the way.”

Kathie L.