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As a patient, you will receive a hearing assessment and be asked questions about your hobbies and lifestyle. This information assists our staff in determining if you need hearing aids, listening devices or any other form of hearing assistance.

By knowing just a little bit about you, we can recommend the best instruments to meet your everyday needs.

Linda Bailey

Owner / Audioprosthologist

Linda Bailey established Better Hearing in 1988. Linda received her B.S. degree from the State University of New York. Linda earned the title of Audioprosthologist from The International Institute for Hearing Instrument Studies approved by the American Council on Education, as well as being a Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist. Linda continues her quest for knowledge with yearly Continuing Education courses to keep abreast of the changing industry and science of hearing aids.

Kelly Thurber


Kelly Thurber began with Better Hearing as our customer care representative and then advanced her education and training while working, and is now a New York State registered hearing aid dispenser. She joins Linda in evaluating and servicing our patients. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Empire State University. She is a member of the International Hearing Society and The New York State Hearing Healthcare Alliance. She is also a Notary Public.

Patti Manser


Patti Manser is our customer care representative and will welcome you to our office. Need batteries or a cup of coffee? Patti is there to help. You can call her to make appointments, or ask her to help you try out some of our assistive listening devices. A long time business person herself, she knows how to take care of you.

Happy Patients

“I can hear what my young students are saying. This really helps in the classroom. The classes I take are more enjoyable because I can hear what the other students and the teacher are saying.”

Art T.